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Frameless Glass Walls - Series 10

Construction & Operation

Glass walls are excellent aesthetic dividers, offering many applications. The elements move on a top track via two parallel ball bearing trolleys. The panels are stacked according to requirements and are locked into position with a foot pedal.

The top and bottom profiles are of natural anodised aluminium, brass or steel. The glass is hardened safety glass 10mm or hardened laminated glass 5+5mm.

The maximum height of the elements is 3600mm, maximum width is 1200mm. Weight is 25-35kg/m2. The elements can also be provided with ABLOY security locks.

Glass walls can offer a practical and cost-effective way to compartmentalise an interior space without compromising on aesthetics. They offer a flexible solution for creating distinct areas while maintaining maximum visibility and a sense of light and space. Opaque partition walls can also effectively divide floor space into separate areas, however, they can make limited interior spaces feel claustrophobic and cramped.

If privacy is an issue or complete transparency is not the desired effect, the glass panels are available in a variety of finishes, including frosted and tinted. This type of panel will obscure the view, creating a more enclosed feel, while still letting in sufficient light and creating a connection with the surrounding space.

With a range of panel widths and a maximum height of 3.6 metres, glass partitions allow you to adapt your interior walls to fit the surrounding space exactly. The panels can also be fitted together to create "T" or "L" shaped systems, providing designers with the freedom to create a space that is perfectly adapted to their specific needs and requirements.

You may be thinking that glass partitions can look great, but they provide a less secure option than solid partition walls. However, glass panels can be made from either hardened safety glass or double thickness hardened laminated glass, and security locks can also be provided. The panels may be made from glass, but that does not mean they are a fragile option.

Glass partitions offer above all else an aesthetically pleasing and safe way to create divisions within a larger space. They provide dividers of exceptional quality while also offering the flexibility necessary for made-to-measure spaces for a wide range of applications.

Technical Information

For CAD details and technical specifications, please go to the Downloads page.

Acoustic Performance: Rw 25dB (Pending Testing).

Panel Weight: 28kg/m2 per square metre.

Maximum Opening Width: Unlimited.

Maximum Panel Height: 3600mm

Panel Width: From 500mm to 1200mm as standard. 

Panel Thickness: 10mm toughened safety glass

Fire Rating: n/a

Panel Finishes: Include Clear, Frosted, Tinted.

Head Track System & Configurations: Ceiling track is a heavy duty aluminium with integral ceiling support trim, powder coated as standard to RAL 9010 but can be finished in any RAL colour.

Head Fixing & Acoustic Baffling: Panels are secured in position by means of a foot operated shoot bolt mechanism located into recessed floor sockets.

Jamb Details: No requirement, panels are fixed at the head and floor only.

Head Fixing & Acoustic Baffling: Head Track is typically suspended from a structural steel I-Beam or concrete soffit with galvanised steel rods at 450mm - 600mm centres.Can also be fitted directly to the soffit. Please see downloads for available details. 

Panel Construction: 10mm Toughened safety glass with 35mm wide x 100mm high SAA clamping profile to top and bottom. 

Top & Bottom Profiles: Bottom clamping profile incorporates foot pedal mechanism to activate shoot bolt which locates with floor sockets.

Access Doors: Pass Doors are available. Can be fitted with optional locks.

Intersection of Multiple Systems: Specification can include walls meeting to form 'T' or 'L' shape systems'